Data Protection

Data Protection

How vital are your organization’s computer files to your success? Put differently: Just how long could your firm remain afloat without them?

Even though most businesses depend on IT systems and critical digital information, plenty of them use outdated and hard to rely on tape solutions to protect the business’ data. Some business owners simply just hope nothing bad will happen. Both cases tempt an eventual certainty that at some point they are going to lose their data. And with data loss come some scary statistics: half of all businesses that lose their data for 10 days or more go bankrupt within 10 days of the loss, and nine out of every ten of the survivors will file after only a year.

If your business is like lots of small and midsize organizations, your business relies intensely on your business’ records data as well as technology infrastructure. Your organization likely takes advantage of desktop or laptop computers, servers, and various other electronic computer hardware and software systems for a broad array of business functions, which include accounting, distribution, customer management, marketing and inventory management.

The surprising truth is that it has never been more painless and budget-friendly to implement a data protection plan, keep control of your business data, and guarantee your business continuity.

Farnes Computer Systems data backup and data recovery services

Needs vary, so we provide a diverse range of data protection programs for our Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek and Broward County clients. These programs include subscription solutions, registered software applications and other backup and recovery solutions for your data. Whether your organization needs data protection for one computer or dozens, each of our programs offer the scalability your organization requires.

Data Backup: Secure key small business information in your company’s desktop computers, mobile computers in addition to servers along with regular block-level backups.
Protection and data restoration: Safeguard files from hackers and theft along with 256-bit encryption; protect your company’s technology infrastructure together with Windows-centred server technology; get your computer files by using a secure and safe web portal for data recovery.
Restoration: Regain computers and programs in a timely fashion along with embedded virtual server solutions; recover from computer system catastrophe or computer data loss in minutes (rather than howrs or days).

At Farnes Computer Systems, we provide you with painless, effective and quality data protection, superior buyer satisfaction, and the long term benefits that come from having a secure IT environment. Our company’s thorough data backup and data recovery services are created to aid small and midsize businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area and effortlessly shield their computer files, computers and software packages. Business are not built in a day, but a catastrophic loss of business data can destroy a small business in a matter of seconds – make sure you are protected with Farnes Computer Systems, your Fort Lauderdale and Coconut Creek data recovery experts.

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